Martial Arts Classes in Centerton

For 3– 7-Year-Olds

Our Tiny Tigers program, in the Centerton area, is proven to develop your child’s focus, self-confidence, and self-discipline.
Our classes include fun and exciting exercise, foundational Martial Arts and a character-building curriculum that will teach your children to respect others and much more.

For 8–12 Year-Olds

A study published in Psychology Today magazine found that children in Martial Artshave an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take risks, and a higher sense of self-worth.

This is why millions of parents enroll their children in Martial Arts.

For Teens and Adults

Our adult students appreciate the difference between Martial Arts training and standard “big box” health clubs.

Our classes are as mentally engaging and interesting as they are effective in getting you fit fast.

Knowing you can defend yourself or your loved ones is a great feeling of self-confidence.

What is Tae Kwon Do?

At Martial Arts Advantage, we’re proud to teach the art of Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on kicking with exciting jumping and spinning kicks.

Tae Kwon Do is the most popular martial art in the USA and it an exciting Olympic Sport.

Tae = Kicking.

Kwon = Hand Strikes.

Do = The Art. 

Martial Arts Advantage

We have been proudly serving Northwest Arkansas since 2003.

Karen Estrada

“Love the family atmosphere, and the instructors are amazing with the kids!”

Timothy Peters

“All the instructors are great with the kids! This is something the whole family can do together.”

Tina Crose

“I would rate this school 100 stars. They are amazing with my special needs child. Thank you!”

Little Dragons and Tiny Tigers

Two Programs for Two Special Age Groups

Little Dragons are 3 & 4 years old.

Tiny Tigers are 5–7 years old.

If you’re looking for the #1 Kids Martial Arts Program in the Bentonville/Centerton area, you’ve come to the right place!

Parents all over Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville, Bella Vista, Gravette and Decatur) are endorsing our kids Tae Kwon-Do classes! Not only are their children learning to defend themselves, but they are quickly becoming more confident, more focused, and learning to even set goals!

If you’d like to see your son or daughter build solid self-confidence and sharp focus, contact us today.

Giving Young Children an
Early Advantage in Life

Martial Arts Classes For Youth
age 12 and up

Children Learn How to Set and Achieve Goals

Our belt system is the key to learning how to set goals for success. The secret to earning a black belt, is to break the goal into smaller, reachable goals.

Our Program Teaches Children Self-Discipline 

We enforce good rules of behavior, and we expect the same at home and in school.

Our Activities Channel Children’s Aggression 

Shy kids learn to stand up for themselves while aggressive children learn how to channel their energy productively.

Our Classes Build Confidence 

Each belt earned is like a brick in the foundation of confidence that will improve all areas of life. Confident kids are happier kids.

What We Teach You Could Save Your Child’s Life 

We will prepare your child to recognize, avoid, and if needed, defend and escape a violent attack.

Our Program is a Lot of Fun 

We include fun and exciting activities in every class. The key is the balance between hard work and fun. Too much of either never works.

Our adult students really appreciate the fact that our classes are as mentally engaging and interesting as they are effective for getting you fit fast.

Our Martial Arts Classes Are a Great Way to Get in Shape

Martial arts is a fitness program with a bonus! You learn to defend yourself while you get in the best shape of your life.

Our Martial Arts Classes Relieve Stress

Martial arts is well known for stress relief. Class is a chance to check out and enter the exciting world of Martial Arts two or three times a week.

Our Martial Arts Classes Build Your Confidence

This is the benefit of our Martial Arts program that our student use everyday. Whether it’s at school, work, or home, a higher level of self-confidence translates into a happier, healthier life.

What You Learn Could Save Your Life

At our school, everything we teach is reality based. Our instructors work hard to insure that most any situation you might encounter is covered in the classroom under safe learning conditions, so you will be prepared.

Martial Arts is the Fountain of Youth for Adults

Birthday Parties

Easy for Parents. Epic for Kids!

The Lucky Child Will Receive:

90-Minutes for up to 15 attendees (larger groups can be arranged)

  • Wear a Birthday Black Belt for the Day!
  • Your Child Will Help Our Instructor Lead the Lesson!
  • Break a Real Board in Front of Their Friends!
  • And Cut Their Birthday Cake with a Real Sword!

Our qualified Martial Arts instructors at Martial Arts Advantage will lead the children in games, activities, and a safe karate lesson but don’t worry- there will be plenty of time for cake and ice cream.

Parents can sit back and watch the fun and action, or they can have fun and participate in all the activities themselves!

Meet Our Instructors

Jack DeSousa
6th Degree Black Belt
Master Instructor

Cheryl Barnes
Martial Arts Advantage Co-Owner
2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor

Savannah Barnes
3rd Dan Black Belt

Danny Johnson
2nd Dan Black Belt

Yanni Constantin
2nd Dan Black Belt

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