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Welcome to Martial Arts Advantage, where we're offering so much more than just kicks and punches. Our training is built around the traditional Korean art of Taekwon-Do, teaching students of all ages how to build strength, confidence, and a great sense of accomplishment every single day. We are proud to train students all across Centerton and Bentonville. No prior experience is required to thrive in our program. Our classes include hands-on instruction and a safe, supportive environment.

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If there were 100 stars I would rate this place that high. They are amazing with my special needs child and I love everyone there.

Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

Tina C.

Amazing place! The instructors have become a second family to us- it's not just about martial arts here, they focus on so much more! Character building, respect, life skills- they prepare your child for adulthood in ways that other sports can't. Get rid of the electronics and zoning out, embrace a new child that will shake an adults hand, look them in the eye and say "yes sir/ma'am!" Wonderful role models for all ages. I simply cannot say enough good things about Martial Arts Advantage!!

Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

Aneisa M.

Incredible program. My husband and child attend Martial Arts Academy. Since beginning I have seen improvement in confidence. The staff is amazing and friendly. The benefits of learning self-defense along with other life skills such as respect, communication, and listening are priceless. Highly recommend.

Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

Kristin M.

Very good! My experience here with my family has been great, we've been going for 7 years and it has provided excellenthe workouts, self defense skills, and has boosted my children's confidence!

Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

Ion C.

This program has helped my kids grow in every way. Body,mind and spirit.

Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

Rodney B.

Love the family atmosphere ❤️ The staff and instructors are top notch, and caring. If you’re interested in martial arts classes give them a try, you’ll be glad you did!

Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

Jim H.

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