Martial Arts Advantage of Centerton Reviews

  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    If there were 100 stars I would rate this place that high. They are amazing with my special needs child and I love everyone there.

    Tina C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    Amazing place! The instructors have become a second family to us- it's not just about martial arts here, they focus on so much more! Character building, respect, life skills- they prepare your child for adulthood in ways that other sports can't. Get rid of the electronics and zoning out, embrace a new child that will shake an adults hand, look them in the eye and say "yes sir/ma'am!" Wonderful role models for all ages. I simply cannot say enough good things about Martial Arts Advantage!!

    Aneisa M.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    Incredible program. My husband and child attend Martial Arts Academy. Since beginning I have seen improvement in confidence. The staff is amazing and friendly. The benefits of learning self-defense along with other life skills such as respect, communication, and listening are priceless. Highly recommend.

    Kristin M.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    Very good! My experience here with my family has been great, we've been going for 7 years and it has provided excellenthe workouts, self defense skills, and has boosted my children's confidence!

    Ion C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    This program has helped my kids grow in every way. Body,mind and spirit.

    Rodney B.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    Love the family atmosphere ❤️ The staff and instructors are top notch, and caring. If you’re interested in martial arts classes give them a try, you’ll be glad you did!

    Jim H.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    This place is amazing! The instructors are very personable and more than helpful, the atmosphere is welcoming, and I've been given challenging workouts, both physical and mental. Highly recommend!

    Aaron E.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    I love it here. Master DeSousa is an amazing instructor and I always feel welcomed here. I was always shy to talk to people and now I feel that I have nothing to worry about. I had low self-esteem issues when I first started. Now I am a 1st degree black belt and love it. Working my way up has been the best experience because it boosted my confidence to a point I didn't know I even had it in me.If you want a great workout you should really think about coming here. I am also an instructor and love seeing everybody grow mentally,physically,and mature more. It has been the best experience I have ever had. If it wasn't for here I would be who I am today! :)

    Josh L.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    Master D, Ms Cheryl and all the instructors at this school are amazing! They have helped my child so much in his confidence level and self discipline!! Love our MMA family!!!

    Ami D.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    I come here frequently, and i can say I love coming to class and the exercise is amazing. I strongly recommend coming here. I used to have low self-esteem about myself and didn't really think i was gonna do anything right. Boy was i wrong. I am currently working on getting my orange belt and the joy i got of earning my yellow and knowing i did that myself is great.

    Klayton D.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    Love the family atmosphere, and the instructors are amazing with the kids.

    Karen E.
  • Kids Martial Arts Bentonville

    Master DeSousa and all the instructors at The school are great with the kids!! Everyone at Northwest Taekwon-Do has become great friends and family. This is something the whole family can do as an activity. Plus you get a great workout!

    Timothy P.

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