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  • The patience of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

    The Chinese Bamboo Tree
    is the perfect example of faith, patience and perseverance.
    Plant seed.
    Rain, sunshine and for 4 years no results. Just patchy grass. Faith and patients required.
    At the end of the 5 th year, it breaks the surface. It can grow as much as four inches a day. Some have dramatic growth and can be over 90’ tall. That’s equal to a nine story building. What takes it so long to grow? Simple, it’s rooting a huge foundation into the ground. For it to grow so high it must have a strong foundation (so don’t we). This way one simple storm cannot knock it over. We want to root ourselves in winning habits, such as: eating healthy, reading and ....

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  • My Journey to Northwest Arkansas and Martial Arts

    I met my wife in 1998. I was living in Newmarket New Hampshire, running a Taekwon-Do school and she lived in Bella Vista Arkansas and worked for the Wal-Mart home office. I met her on Cape Cod while she was doing a photo shoot for the Wal-Mart circular. It was the start of a long term relationship. As it was developing, I took a trip to NW Arkansas in 1999. I noticed that there were no Martial art schools in the area. Then I discovered Bentonville had a club at the fitness center. Bentonville was rural, but development was starting to pop up. Rogers was small and completely different then today. To do most things, you had to travel to Fayetteville. When I moved to Bella Vista in 2003 I ....

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  • Simple Economics for Black Belt LeadershipStudents

    Leadership Economics
    It’s very important that all members of society learn economics. Many people do not understand it. Easy definition
    – How
    the forces of Supply and Demand allocate resources.
    What’s bought and sold, how many? At what price? Who gets what? If it has value and is rare it will be in high demand and will cost more. A brain surgeon earns more than a janitor. This is not a put down to a janitor, it is important that floors are clean, but most people can do that. Not a lot of skill, training and education are involved. Lesson #1
    Other than air, nothing is free.
    There is no Free Lunch. Politicians run around saying “free college or ....

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  • The Value of Discipline

    Discipline: Black Belt leaders know the importance of Discipline. Discipline starts with self-discipline. We must believe in its value and we need to realize that no one can Discipline us until we establish some self-discipline. This is best learned at a young age. This is why parents must Discipline their children and why Martial Arts helps that process. Discipline breeds consistent habits. Discipline is not punishment because discipline is reward based. For example: If you Discipline your diet, then you will attain better health and fitness. Military Officers and College Graduates on average attain more success in life then others (not just because of intelligence) but the Discipline ....

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  • Mind Set

    Self Talk for Seeing the Reaching
    You communicate with yourself on an ongoing basis. Why not code your mind to think like a winner? People serious about winning visualize in their mind a successful outcome. Mental preparedness before attempting what you want to achieve. Professional athletes visualize the ball going throw the basket or the golfer sees the putt going in the hole. Undoubtedly, the most destructive force in our lives is the negative use of our imagination. Most people visualize the things or outcomes they don’t want to happen. Losers think in terms of lack or loss. Many people say things like “its cold and flu season.” They pre program ....

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  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Living a long life many argue is mostly because of good genetics. I don’t disagree with that. But there are life style habits we can obtain to help us with longevity, but more importantly living a high quality of life, even into our elder years. Not living life with pain or low energy all the time. Martial Arts will keep us fit and fitness
    is one part of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. To be healthy, there are other practices to consider such as: 1. Fresh air
    – This one is under rated. Deep breathing will help us mentally and physically. Clean, smoke free air is important for good health. Keep windows open when you can to circulate fresh air. ....

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  • The Advantages of Traditional Martial Arts

    There are many types of Martial Arts. All of them have value and will do a practiconer well. From China to Israel there are so many types and styles. There are hard and soft styles. There are some that mix with others, and even some back yard systems a few individuals put together. We could even consider Boxing and wrestling a Martial Art. They all serve well a Self-Defense purpose. There is no put down to any system of Martial Arts. The advantage of the traditional styles such as Karate, traditional Taekwon-Do, Kung-Fu or Judo is the character development and humility that these systems require.
    They wear uniforms and like the military they have basic patches and rank insignia. ....

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  • Why Discipline is so Important for a Child.

    The first premise we must realize is discipline is not punishment. Children like structure and don’t do well with gray area. That’s the real issue, balancing the structure and discipline, with the spontaneity of childhood. Another words balance. Find something a child loves and instill discipline with it. Discipline is a form of self-control to delay gratification and do what’s important first. Parents must look at what is in the long term best interest for the child. We all know that the child will grow up fast. We want to prepare them to not only survive but succeed in an adult world when they are grown. A person’s foundation starts and develops through their ....

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  • Taekwon-Do vs Karate

    Taekwon-Do VS Karate
    To start off with all martial art systems are good, it mostly depends on the instructor. Just like school, we could have a bad teacher but that doesn’t mean history or math is not important. Both styles are similar. The differences between Taekwon-Do and Karate
    Taekwon-Do is a Korean Martial Art, Karate is Japanese. Taekwon-Do is more modern and was founded in 1955. Because of this, there was more emphasis on science and theory. It has tremendous power. It is a mix of a few styles including Shotokan Karate. Some styles of Karate go back 1000 years. Takekwon-Do emphasis the uses of kicking more than any other style of Martial Arts. Even many ....

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  • Commitment

    Commitment goes hand in hand with goal setting. To achieve a big goal we can’t be half way on it, we must be committed. You want to have; “there is no going back” attitude. When you set and pursue your goals there will be obstacles and challenges that get in your way. By being committed, you will find a way around these challenges. Committed people don’t let excuses or lack of focus get in there way. A committed person often has tunnel vision towards their goal. The bigger the goal, the more committed we must be and the more sacrifices we must make. We can’t do everything; we don’t have enough time and energy. We must make our decision and go for ....

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