Words VS Actions

As human beings we are all capable of lying or exaggerating with our words.  But actions often tell us the truth. A person can claim to be a model citizen, but detectives will look at what their police record says. A person going for a bank loan can say “they will easily pay it back,” but the banker looks at their credit report and other such indicators. A person can claim to be your friend, and quickly stab you in the back..

               Which one do you believe? The credit report or the words the person is saying? These reports are indicators of past behavior. Now maybe that person does pay that loan back on time and changes their behavior and that’s the good news, people can change. But be aware of a person’s past, it will often be an indicator of what the future will be, because behavior is hard to change. It takes discipline and repentance.

               This is very true in personal relationships. If a person has been abusive before that is a big red flag for the future. A person can say “they will change.” But they need to prove it with action. We should also examine our own words and compare them to what’s really true, our actions. This will strengthen our integrity.

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