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  • Routines

    Have you ever examined your daily routine? Does it serve you in reaching the goals you set out for in life? Discipline people tend to be creatures of habit. Looking at it, isn’t that what our daily routine is, mostly our habits? This is tricky, because as human beings we have a need for certainty, but we also like spontaneity in our lives as well. So it’s not easy to have that balance. If we are all discipline and no adventure, life can be boring or more of a grind. But the other way, can be too unpredictable and we may not accomplish much. Disciplined habits and routines will get you further in reaching your goals, and now it becomes important that we enjoy most of what ....

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  • Perseverance in Martial Arts

    Progress check: Hopefully your children are progressing and earning their stripes. If so, congratulations and keep the momentum going. If not, be patient. Iif your child is slow to getting the curriculum, they will pick it up. You can ask us for additional help if needed. The worst thing to do is allow them to quit. That’s the opposite of what we teach.
    A little frustration can be a good sign, a sign of growth. We are stretching them beyond their comfort zone. There are a lot of valuable lessons that come from perseverance. It will teach them to buckle down and focus. There is almost nothing that perseverance cannot overcome!
    Look at water against the rocks. As ....

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  • Be Willing to Adapt!

    Be Willing to Adapt!

    What a learning curve of technology we all have had to face during this Corona Virus pandemic. Mom’s and dad’s (kids were probably already pretty good) educators and most people have had to learn to engage technology. But most of all it means we have to adapt
    . Our lifestyles have changed. Not just with technology but most everything else. What we are used too has been upended. Many of us are out of our comfort zones. Logically, we know the most consistent thing is change, but emotionally it’s hard to swallow, especially this much at once. The virus hasn’t been as bad in Benton County Arkansas as it has in many other parts of the country, but we still are in the ....

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  • Parenting Message

    The most important part of parenting is also the toughest. That is: being the example.
    I once read somewhere that "parents are patterns." It's so true. Everything we do, say, feel... Our kids absorb and make their own. If we look at ourselves we act and say many things that our parents said. The old expression is “kids more attention pay to what you do then what you say.” That's why one of the best things we can do for our kids, is to resolve our past issues. That way, those issues simply aren't there for them to absorb. And they won't have to live with them. At the same time, if we work on building our strengths, are kids ....

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  • Healthy lifestyle-Updated.

    Living a long life many argue is has a lot to do with good genetics. I don’t disagree with that. But there are life style habits we can obtain to help us with longevity, but more importantly living a high quality of life, even into our elder years. Not living life with pain or low energy all the time. Martial Arts will keep us fit and fitness
    is one part of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. To be healthy, there are other practices to consider such as: 1. Fresh air
    – This one is under rated. Deep breathing will help us mentally and physically. Clean, smoke free air is important for good health. Keep windows open when you can to circulate fresh air. In our ....

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  • The patience of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

    The Chinese Bamboo Tree
    is the perfect example of faith, patience and perseverance.
    Plant seed.
    Rain, sunshine and for 4 years no results. Just patchy grass. Faith and patients required.
    At the end of the 5 th year, it breaks the surface. It can grow as much as four inches a day. Some have dramatic growth and can be over 90’ tall. That’s equal to a nine story building. What takes it so long to grow? Simple, it’s rooting a huge foundation into the ground. For it to grow so high it must have a strong foundation (so don’t we). This way one simple storm cannot knock it over. We want to root ourselves in winning habits, such as: eating healthy, reading and ....

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  • My Journey to Northwest Arkansas and Martial Arts

    I met my wife in 1998. I was living in Newmarket New Hampshire, running a Taekwon-Do school and she lived in Bella Vista Arkansas and worked for the Wal-Mart home office. I met her on Cape Cod while she was doing a photo shoot for the Wal-Mart circular. It was the start of a long term relationship. As it was developing, I took a trip to NW Arkansas in 1999. I noticed that there were no Martial art schools in the area. Then I discovered Bentonville had a club at the fitness center. Bentonville was rural, but development was starting to pop up. Rogers was small and completely different then today. To do most things, you had to travel to Fayetteville. When I moved to Bella Vista in 2003 I ....

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