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  • Martial Arts for Familys

    There are so few physical activities that family’s can do together. This is another reason I love Martial Arts. Other then the extreme youth for example: one or two years old, and the elderly ages, all family members can participate in training. Some techniques maybe simplified for the younger ages and some of the more physical movements may be toned down for the elderly participants, but overall the whole family can practice together. In Martial Arts we just divide up the curriculum to fit the needs of that particular age group and physical ability. This wasn’t always the case. Martial Arts training these days are different in many ways then how we use to train in the ....

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  • Be Your Childs Success Coach

    There are countless great books for parenting available at any bookstore in the country. Although there are various styles of parenting out there, almost all experts would agree with the following guidelines. Love them unconditionally. Never let them forget that, regardless of what they do or where they go, they will always be your children and you will always love them. Constantly catch them “doing things right”. This will reinforce appropriate behavior. Give them choices, not ultimatums. Whenever possible, make sure they have options to choose from. For example “Would you like to do your homework now or in twenty minutes once you’ve rested?” ....

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  • Routines

    Have you ever examined your daily routine? Does it serve you in reaching the goals you set out for in life? Discipline people tend to be creatures of habit. Looking at it, isn’t that what our daily routine is, mostly our habits? This is tricky, because as human beings we have a need for certainty, but we also like spontaneity in our lives as well. So it’s not easy to have that balance. If we are all discipline and no adventure, life can be boring or more of a grind. But the other way, can be too unpredictable and we may not accomplish much. Disciplined habits and routines will get you further in reaching your goals, and now it becomes important that we enjoy most of what ....

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  • Perseverance in Martial Arts

    Progress check: Hopefully your children are progressing and earning their stripes. If so, congratulations and keep the momentum going. If not, be patient. Iif your child is slow to getting the curriculum, they will pick it up. You can ask us for additional help if needed. The worst thing to do is allow them to quit. That’s the opposite of what we teach.
    A little frustration can be a good sign, a sign of growth. We are stretching them beyond their comfort zone. There are a lot of valuable lessons that come from perseverance. It will teach them to buckle down and focus. There is almost nothing that perseverance cannot overcome!
    Look at water against the rocks. As ....

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