The patience of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

The Chinese Bamboo Tree is the perfect example of faith, patience and perseverance.

  1. Plant seed.
  2. Rain, sunshine and for 4 years no results. Just patchy grass. Faith and patients required.
  3. At the end of the 5th year, it breaks the surface. It can grow as much as four inches a day. Some have dramatic growth and can be over 90’ tall. That’s equal to a nine story building.


What takes it so long to grow? Simple, it’s rooting a huge foundation into the ground. For it to grow so high it must have a strong foundation (so don’t we). This way one simple storm cannot knock it over. We want to root ourselves in winning habits, such as: eating healthy, reading and learning new things, exercising, being discipline with chores and responsibilities. We want to have a foundation of high moral values and character.


Achieving something that’s worthwhile but difficult can be done if we have passion and perseverance. Most people fall off when the tasks get to difficult, or too long to achieve. One or two setbacks and many give up. This is what sets us apart. We need to have discipline so we have consistent repetition in our winning habits. Have faith and be patient with the results.

This article was written by Master Jack DeSousa 6th Dan Black Belt in Taekwon-Do. Master DeSousa also has ranking in Hapkido and has been in the Martial Arts since 1982. Master DeSousa served in the US Air force and has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of New Hampshire.

Master DeSousa founded Martial Arts Advantage (formerly known as North West Taekwon-Do in 2003.

Martial Arts Advantage recently was voted the top school for 2018 from the UTA (United Taekwon-Do Alliance).

Martial Arts Advantage is located in Centerton AR, but also serves Bentonville, Gravette, Bella Vista, Cave Springs Pea Ridge, and Rogers. Our school is proud to have graduated over 125 Black Belts, making the communities of Northwest Arkansas better, one Black Belt at a time.  


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