Be Willing to Adapt!

Be Willing to Adapt!

What a learning curve of technology we all have had to face during this Corona Virus pandemic. Mom’s and dad’s (kids were probably already pretty good) educators and most people have had to learn to engage technology. But most of all it means we have to adapt. Our lifestyles have changed. Not just with technology but most everything else. What we are used too has been upended. Many of us are out of our comfort zones. Logically, we know the most consistent thing is change, but emotionally it’s hard to swallow, especially this much at once. The virus hasn’t been as bad in Benton County Arkansas as it has in many other parts of the country, but we still are in the thick of things.

But think of the valuable lessons this is teaching us. In the military we were taught to expect the unexpected and adapt to the circumstances. It takes toughness, discipline and an attitude adjustment to be successful at this. But what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Life pitches us a lot of setbacks and lemons and but we must still learn how to move forward to our goals, even if we have to crawl. Let’s not quit so easy. Winners and successful people find ways to accomplish their training even if there is two feet of snow. That’s how determined and resolute you have to be (Stubborn as a pit-bull). By going through this pandemic we are proving that we can adapt to what life throws at us without panic or fear.

Don’t get me wrong, I am aware there are serious problems such as health risks and unemployment. We walk on pins and needles each day with this, while it’s a crisis. But I have to remind myself each day all the opportunity that has arose from this crisis.

Here are some questions for you: Are you spending more time with your family? Are you getting closer to God? Are you learning to practice at home better? Are you getting better with technology? This is all good. Let’s be thankful each health and well being of our families. That’s the most important thing. Everything else is negotiable.

Be well/Stay positive.


This article was written by Master Jack DeSousa 6th Dan Black Belt in Taekwon-Do. Master DeSousa also has ranking in Hapkido and has been in the Martial Arts since 1982. Master DeSousa served in the US Air force and has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of New Hampshire.

Master DeSousa founded Martial Arts Advantage (formerly known as North West Taekwon-Do in 2003.

Martial Arts Advantage recently was voted the top school for 2018 from the UTA (United Taekwon-Do Alliance).

Martial Arts Advantage is located in Centerton AR, but also serves Bentonville, Gravette, Bella Vista, Cave Springs Pea Ridge, and Rogers. Our school is proud to have graduated over 125 Black Belts, making the communities of Northwest Arkansas better, one Black Belt at a time.  


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