Be Your Childs Success Coach

There are countless great books for parenting available at any bookstore in the country. Although there are various styles of parenting out there, almost all experts would agree with the following guidelines.

Love them unconditionally. Never let them forget that, regardless of what they do or where they go, they will always be your children and you will always love them.

Constantly catch them “doing things right”. This will reinforce appropriate behavior.

Give them choices, not ultimatums.  Whenever possible, make sure they have options to choose from.  For example “Would you like to do your homework now or in twenty minutes once you’ve rested?”

Pick your battles.  Pope John Paul II said “see everything, overlook a lot, correct a little.”  Constantly nit-picking your children will create distance between you and your children.

Public praise, Private reprimand.  Avoid discipline your child in front of others as it is extremely humiliating.

Never compare.  Very few things will lower a child’s self-image faster than comparing them negatively with other siblings or friends.

Set boundaries and stick to them.  Everyone in the house should know what rules are and what the consequences are for breaking them. Be firm but fair.

This article was written by Master Jack DeSousa 6th Dan Black Belt in Taekwon-Do and has ranking in Hapkido . Master DeSousa has been in the Martial Arts since 1982. Master DeSousa founded Martial Arts Advantage (formerly known as North West Taekwon-Do in 2003. Martial Arts Advantage is located in Centerton AR, but also serves Bentonville, Gravette, Bella Vista, Cave Springs Pea Ridge, and Rogers. Our school is proud to have graduated over 125 Black Belts, making the communities of Northwest Arkansas better, one Black Belt at a time.  Please check us out on Facebook at www.facebook/martial arts advantage of Centerton


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