The Difference Between Ego and Pride

Hello Martial Arts Students:

Pride is a good thing. It’s good to be proud of yourself, your family your martial arts and more. There is a lot to be proud of. Pride is a form of confidence and faith. On the other hand, Ego (Edge God Out) especially too much of it is bad. Ego makes us show off, deceive others and it leads to narcissism. We anger easily if our ego isn’t fed. So many negative things we do come from placating our ego. We want to detach from ego, but doing so doesn’t make us wimpy or inferior, just the opposite. Ego and arrogance will sink us faster than the Titanic. In fact, that’s what sunk the Titanic!

When you finish karate class walk proudly off the mat. Pride is contagious. Pride turns people on. Don’t forget arrogance and ego turns people off.

Jack DeSousa

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