The Power of the Mind.

If you’re at home, look at everything around you, this was created by the mind. The floor, walls, carpeting, furniture was all an idea at one time in someone’s mind. Even your land, probably had trees on it and was cleared to build a home. Outdoor, the streets, poles and automoblies and more where all products of the mind. Nature gives us the resources and the mind does the rest.

I am not talking about the whole brain, just one part of it called the conscious mind. The mind is your thinking department. The rest of the brain is on auto pilot aiding the body in its other functions. The mind has so much more power than any computer ever built. In fact where did that computer come from? Somebody’s mind.

The mind has the power for good and evil. We see the technology for good, such as farming equipment that can feed far more people than the old farm tools. We also see its power for creating evil devices such as atomic weapons. Some individuals use their courage and mind power for freedom and justice, such as Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi. While others, such as Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin used it for slavery and genocide.

I am thankful every day for a healthy functioning mind. Let’s educate it and use it’s awesome power to make the world a better place.

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